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Mark Ruffalo, know for his activism and his Hulkiness, recently showed support to Brazilian presidential candidate Marina Silva, who’s being painted as a “Green president” which is not fucking true. Her campaign is financed by one of our biggest banks and we all know how banks feel about nature, right? Her background as Environment Minister is messed up, and I wish I could give you more details but I’m too angry to do research right now. Mark posted a video saying “it would be a gift to Brazil and the world to see someone with so much understanding of human struggle” but unfortunately, this hole is much lower than he thought. Yes she has a history of overcoming poverty and fighting for human rights and environmentalism, but it’s history. That was before she took sides with the most corrupted fundamentalist parties, and a series of bad decisions. Unfortunately, she lost her chance last elections (when I voted for her).

People on Twitter alerted him that besides the controversy I just mentioned she’s a shameless homophobic LIAR who turned down her LGBT proposals the day after they were published because one stupid pastor made four tweets complaining about it. She also refuses to use the word MARRIAGE when referring to LGBT rights and prefers the term “civil union” that means bullshit. And that same pastor is supporting this PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT OF A HUMAN candidate who made the most horrendous homophobic speech last night (watch it here with English subs if you have the guts). He should have left the debate ARRESTED but we don’t have a specific law against homo/trans/biphobia BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE MARINA SILVA, SILAS MALAFAIA AND LEVY FIDELIX (he also implied taht Bolivian president Evo Morales is a drug dealer). In the video, the woman who asked Fidelix about LBGT rights is Luciana Genro (my queen diva supreme candidate fuck yeah 50). She and Eduardo Jorge are the only candidates who openly speak about the issues that bother fundamentalists and conservatives (but sadly don’t have any more than 1% of votes), including reproductive rights and drug regulation, but unfortunately none of the seven candidates said anything to reprehend him during the debate. 

BUTT Mark Ruffalo is smart enough to know that hundreds of mentions in his notifications box couldn’t be random. He posted a beautiful apology on his Tumblr and unlike her, who keeps changing her mind every hour and acting like nothing happened, did not pretend it wasn’t a mistake.

It makes me so sad that the n#2 candidate on the presidential run would rather crawl and beg for an international celebrity’s support that care for the actual problems of her own people. And the #1 is not better at all.

These elections are being so dreadful I wish the World Cup would come back. At least it’s giving us a lot to make fun of (and cry about). After all, that’s we do best… laugh at our own faces.


Spiral galaxy NGC 2613
Captured on February 26, 2002, by the Very Large Telescope in Paranal, Chile (S. D’Odorico et al)


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Hangzhou, China: A piece of graphene aerogel developed at Zhejiang University is placed on a cherry flower. The sponge-like matter weighs 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimetre and is the world’s lightest solid material.